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Arghakhanchi Cement Limited is one of the largest producers of clinker and cement in Nepal. For almost a decade, the company has been manufacturing high quality clinker by Rotary Kiln method from the best quality limestone using Rotary Kiln technology in its factory, which is located at Siyari Rural Municipality-2, Bhairahawa.

With reliable and advanced Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) technology from Denmark’s FLSmidth Company, and using best clinkers, per day three thousand five hundred metric tonnes (70 thousand bags) of high quality Arghakhanchi O.P.C and P.P.C Cement is being produced.

State-of-the-art technology and preciseness in selection of high quality raw materials result in the superior quality of the company’s products. Owing to its fine quality, constructions made using Arghakhanchi Cement become strong and durable.

In order to meet the market demand and to keep its technology updated, Arghakhanchi Cement has also started selling loose cement. Since cement is required in large quantities, especially for large projects and the readymix concrete industry, the company has started delivering loose cement at the construction sites through its own bulker.

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Why choose Arghakhanchi Cement

Choose Arghakhanchi Cement for superior quality and strength. Our advanced technology, premium materials, and a decade of expertise make us the trusted name for your construction needs.

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Get the right price for superior construction materials.

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Unmatched quality for enduring strength in every project.

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Precise quantities for dependable construction.

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Arghakhanchi Cement FAQ

  • Does Arghakhanchi Cement have environmentally friendly practices?

    Arghakhanchi Cement is committed to sustainability through the integration of advanced technologies like Waste Heat Recovery System (WHRS) and Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP). These systems significantly reduce our environmental footprint and effectively mitigate pollution around our factory, showcasing our dedication to eco-friendly practices.

  • What is the production capacity of Arghakhanchi Cement?

    Arghakhanchi Cement has a production capacity of 3,000 metric tons, equivalent to 60,000 sacks per day.

  • What is the difference between OPC and PPC?

    OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) is known for its high early strength, making it suitable for projects with stringent time constraints, while PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement) offers advantages like enhanced long-term strength, durability, and reduced environmental impact due to the incorporation of pozzolanic materials like fly ash.

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